Kentia Palm


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House plants are back, and more popular than ever.
A native of Lord Howe Island, the Kentia Palm will make a fabulous addition to your home. It gets its botanical name 'Howea forsteriana' from the island and was brought over to the UK in the 1870s where is because an exotic status symbol with the Victorians.
A beautiful indoor palm, it produces tall stems of glossy green, arching leaves that grow to different heights creating an architectural statement wherever you decide to house it. The Kentia palm has very simple needs and will tolerate some neglect, just position it somewhere that is light but out of any direct sunlight. Keep the leaves fresh with regular misting, making it perfect choice for all levels of experience. This gorgeous palm also makes a great gift idea for anyone who hasn't got an outside space to garden.
House plants are fantastic at helping keep the air in your home clean as it filters out pollutants keeping it fresh and clean. According to a NASA study, it can remove formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene, found in furniture, fireplace smoke, and common household products.
Supplied as an established plant in a 20cm pot, approx. 120cm tall.


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