Jasminium nudiflorum


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This beautiful winter flowering Jasmine is a completely reliable and easy to grow plant that will fill your garden with colour in the depths of the dreariest months of the year. It will grow as a loosely scrambling bush with arching stems that become smothered with bright yellow flowers from November to March every year, followed by glossy green foliage which will fill spaces in beds and borders with ease. It can even be grown in large patio pots and containers if space is limited. Fully hardy, it performs well in any soil and flowers best in full sun where it will bring life to winter borders. Easy to grow, it requires no pruning except a trim to limit growth or keep in a preferred shape. It can be trained to trellis or walls and is particularly effective grown with ivy, covering unsightly walls and buildings in the garden.
Growing to a height and spread of 3m (10ft).
Delivered as established plants in 9cm pots ready to plant straight away.


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