Hydrangea paniculata Little Lime standard


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Forget the traditional pastel mophead Hydrangea beloved of sea-side gardens – this sister species, Hydrangea paniculata, really is in vogue at present and 'Little Lime' is one of the more compact and free flowering new releases, perfect for any size garden!
What's more, because it branches so well and flowers on younger plants, it is the ideal variety to grow on a standard stem, providing a wonderful rounded head of foliage and flowers that is easy to clip and maintain to that sophisticated shape.
Stunning as a feature plant placed in borders where it will stand tall above all else, or perfect for pots and containers where it can be placed by a gateway, doorway or on a patio to add a touch of elegance.
Flowering in summer into early autumn, 'Little Lime' will bring colour late on in the year when the rest of the garden has begun to fade. The lovely flower panicles open bright zesty lime-green, then fade to a creamy shade which produces a unique pink tinge too, which then last well into colder months.
Grow in pots or in garden soil, trim head to shape early in season before new growth and allow to flower.
Supplied as a 90cm tall plant (including 3L pot) with 45cm clear stem trained into standard lollipop form.


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