Hydrangea arborescens Sweet Annabelle


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Imagine, the perfect plant to attract attention to your garden, and deserving pride of place where it can shine throughout the year.
This addition to the popular 'Annabelle' series of hydrangeas has the same dramatic flowerheads but with an added bonus – gorgeous, colour-changing, pink blossom.
As the buds emerge the backs of the petals are a rich shade of raspberry, so when young, the overall impression is of quite a strong pink. Then, as the buds open, they reveal a lighter upper surface, giving an overall softer shade when the flowers have opened fully.
Over the course of the summer the colour becomes even paler, and eventually the big heads take on a subtle, greenish tone. The show doesn't stop there though as after the flowers have faded and fallen, a skeleton of fine filigree remains to catch the frost and sparkle in the low winter sunshine – adding to its year-round interest.
Really easy to grow and a great plant for a newbie gardener, 'Sweet Annabelle' blooms on new wood, unlike older varieties which only bloom on the old, so you'll continue to bloom year on year, all throughout the summer, regardless of pruning or extreme weather.
An invaluable addition to the mixed or shrub border – as well as a large patio pot – this is a hydrangea that you don't want to be without.
Supplied as an established plant in a 3L pot.


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