Holly Ilex x meserveae Blue Maid Standard


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Just imagine this lovely holly in your garden, where it will add a new dimension to the classic patio standard tree, giving you interest all year round.
Blue Maid is a female variety of blue holly, producing masses of tiny, white flowers in spring that are followed by bright red berries in autumn if you have a male holly nearby. Its leaves are less spiky than other hollies and have a distinct contrast between the light green underside and deep blue-green upper.
Easy to grow and virtually maintenance-free, they just need a slightly acid, fertile soil and regular watering for the first couple of years.
Because the branches of this holly tend to hold onto their leaves much better than other varieties and also as these standard plants grow less vigorously than younger plants, you get a really dense head which is why they make such amazing topiary specimens.
Grow as a specimen tree in pots and border to add height, or grow a number as an unusual hedge. For extra wow factor, grow in pairs in large pots either side of porches or doorways and gates.
Very hardy and tough, and with excellent tolerance to British winters, Blue Maid will withstand temperatures to -27°C without any damage and requires almost no maintenance each year apart from an annual trim to keep to shape.
Supplied as a formed standard, approx 80cm (32in) tall including pot.


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