Hibiscus Walbertons Rose Moon


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Also known as the tree hollyhock or rose mallow, Hibiscus syriacus 'Walbertons Rose Moon' is a breeding breakthrough, being covered in ENORMOUS bright, rose-pink blooms from June – not stopping until all buds have opened, sometimes right into autumn.
With its lobed, dark-green leaves and giant rose-pink flowers up to 20cm (7.5in) across, 'Rose Moon' is an award-winning, deciduous shrub that will take pride of place in your garden. Each bloom is marked with a red centre and the flowers shimmer faintly with iridescence in the sun, making this a garden plant that everyone will comment on.
Despite its exotic looks, hibiscus is very tough, winter hardy and easy to care for, producing a mass of blooms for months on end – even on young plants!
It is best placed in a prominent position, where it will bring a colourful display when other plants are beginning to look tired.
Supplied as an established plant in a 3L pot, ready to plant straight out or re-pot, Hibiscus 'Walbertons Rose Moon' will reach a maximum height of about 1.5m.


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