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This collection of herbs includes all the plants you need to plant your very own herb garden. Having fresh herbs easily to had is incredibly convenient and will encourage you to get creative with your cooking. What's more, the attractive flowers are loved by bees and other pollinators.
Herbs have many health-giving benefits and have been used for thousands of years both in cooking and medicine. They will enhance the flavour of all your dishes used fresh, kept in the freezer or dried.
Plant them in pots close to your kitchen door so that you can snip off the leaves whenever you want them, and you'll also be treated to the scent of the aromatic foliage drifting through the air. Preferring full sun, they'll tolerate partial shade too, in well-drained soil.
Garden Mint – The classic herb, whether in mint sauce with lamb, cooked with new potatoes or as a light, refreshing tea. It's also one of the best herbs for attracting insects. Best grown in a pot to keep it under control, it'll grow to a height and spread of up to a metre (3 ft).
Chive – Grown for their pungent yet mild tasting leaves that are chopped into salads and other dishes. They have a spring onion flavour, and the attractive, bright pink flowers are also edible. Growing to a height and spread of 30 cm (1 ft).
Rosemary – Narrow aromatic leaves full of antioxidants for seasoning a wide variety of dishes, with whole sprigs used to flavour roast potatoes, meats, casseroles, fish and soups and it also has attractive blue summer flowers. Reaching a height and spread of up to 1.2 m (4 ft).
Salvia 'Fotado', Green Sage – Highly aromatic foliage and a strong herbal flavour when added to sauces, pastries and meat marinades. Growing to a height and spread of 1 m (3ft).
Parsley – Lightly scented, fresh tasting leaves that can be used in soups, sauces, pesto, salsa, marinades and as a garnish. The stems are also full of flavour and can be used in the same way as leaves. Grows to a height and spread of 30 cm (1 ft).
Thyme – Wonderfully scented foliage that's popular in Mediterranean dishes, especially added soups, fish and meat, roasted vegetables and pasta recipes. Incredible versatile, it reaches a height and spread of 25 cm (10 in).
Supplied as 12 plug plants, ready to grow on before planting.


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