Grafted Melon Perseus F1


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'Perseus' produces striking, round fruits that have attractive orange tinged, heavily textured pale green skin with dark green stripes and wonderful bright orange flesh that can weigh up to 750g!
Whether growing in a greenhouse or outdoors in a sheltered spot, 'Perseus' will need plenty of room to spread out, and the satisfaction of growing your own melons is enormous.
There are so many benefits to grafted melons, in particular that each plant can produce much, much more fruit and the melons will begin cropping earlier in the spring and keep producing later into autumn than other varieties.
Excellent resistance to pests and disease make grafted melons so easy to grow even if you have no experience, these will thrive to provide you with an plenty of fresh, tasty melons. Ideally suited for growing outside or in a greenhouse.
Supplied as 3 established plants in 9cm pot,s ready for planting and growing to 30cm (1ft) tall and spreading 2m (6½ft).


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