Geranium Summer Twist


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A brand-new mix of pelargonium geraniums with clusters of flowers in a striking combination of red and white. The delightfully named 'Summer Twist' will give you a succession of unique blooms from early summer until autumn, making this an essential addition to your garden borders, pots, baskets and balcony displays.
With an outstanding show throughout the summer to the first frosts of autumn, 'Summer Twist' is extremely free flowering, producing large flower heads of unusually serrated, bicoloured blooms creating an impressive display wherever they are planted.
Because this geranium branches naturally, there's no need for fiddly pinching out so they're a really low-maintenance plant, needing just a tidy up of faded flowers to promote more of the lovely blooms.
Supplied as a set of 12 Plug Plants, ready to pot up and grow on – ideal for gardeners who have a warm place where the plants can be grown on until they are ready for planting out once all chance of frost has passed. Will bloom June to October, reaching a height of approx. 40cm.


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