Garden Cloche Kit


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The perfect way to start off your young plants outdoors, this cloche will give them all the protection they'll need from the elements as well as from birds, cats, flying insects and other pests. Use it to grow seedlings, or keep it in place to protect salad crops or strawberries.
Thanks to their clever design, they provide the perfect growing environment for your tender young plants. Rainwater is collected in the built-in reservoir to help stop plants from drying out between waterings and the crystal clear plastic lets in the maximum amount of sunshine and warmth, with two adjustable vents helping to control air flow and temperature. When the ends are fitted, the cloche becomes entirely enclosed, guarding against all manner of pests. 
Made from clear plastic and supplied with 12 securing stakes, they can be extended by joining them together with additional cloches. Main cloche size: W40cm (16in) L86cm (3ft) H22cm (9in). Cloche ends: W41cm (16in) L21.5cm (8.5in) H22cm (9in).


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