French Bean Isabel


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A vigorous and prolific climbing French bean, 'Isabel' produces generous harvests of long, pencil thin, stringless pods with white beans that have an excellent sweet flavour and are firm but tender to the bite. Delicious eaten lightly boiled or steamed and packed full of vitamins A and K, minerals and fibre, and they freeze very well too, so you won't waste any of your crop!
'Isabel' is a vigorous grower, and with its outstanding natural health you'll be picking masses or tasty French beans for weeks on end.
Being a climbing French bean, 'Isabel' will require a sturdy support that's at least 6ft tall. Cane wigwams are traditionally used, made by placing four or five canes 6 inches apart around the plant, tied together at the top to give a strong structure that's an attractive feature in the vegetable garden, and works well if you're growing your beans in pots too. If you're growing long rows of beans, place canes 6 inches apart either side of the row and tie them to a horizontal cane at the top to make a tent shape. After a little help, your beans will twine their way naturally over the support.
Supplied as 6 plug plants, ready for growing on or planting. Growing to 2m (6½ft), with beans ready to harvest from June to October.


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