First Spring Tulip and Crocus Mix


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Bulbs such as tulips and crocuses herald the arrival of spring, and there's nothing more exciting than the sight of their bold and bright colours peeking up from the ground marking the end of a long winter and the start of the warmerweather.
This great value collection combines the instantly recognisable crocus with compact and robust early tulips for a display that will get your garden noticed.
With their distinctive goblet flowers, these blue crocuses are the iconic spring flower. Opening with the sun and closing at dusk, they will continue to bloom with bigger and better displays year after year!
Perfect in pots, crocuses will flower from February to March, then, blooming from March, the early tulips take over and extend the show.
'Johann Strauss' is a compact tulip at just 25cm in height, with blue-green mottled leaves. The flowers are cream, flushed with red and yellow, and make a truly outstanding display.
Plant these bulbs in pots or straight into flowerbeds and you will enjoy a host of flowers from late February onwards.
Supplied as a pack of 30 bulbs, ready for planting out in autumn.


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