Epipremnum pinnatum Marble Queen


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Also known as Devil's Ivy, Epipremnum is an evergreen vine native to Polynesia, where it uses aerial roots to climb up to 20m with enormous leaves that reach up to a metre across – a genuine jungle plant!
However, as a houseplant it is much less vigorous. 'Marble Queen' has magnificent, glossy variegated green and white leaves which grow to 10cm (4in) long. The trailing stems will grow and grow unless you cut them back, making this an ideal plant for hanging baskets, or climbing up a support such as a moss pole and it looks fantastic cascading down shelving.
Incredibly tolerant of low light, Epipremnum will even retain its leaf colour in near darkness. They're so easy and undemanding to look after, requiring just a little trimming to keep them in check, and avoid overwatering.
Leafy tropical houseplants are great for clearing the air and filtering out harmful pollutants in our homes, as well as improving our physical health and wellbeing.
Supplied as a potted plant in a 12cm pot, growing to a height and spread of 2m (6½ft).


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