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Currently the must-have plants for indoor gardeners, you can't escape the rise of the easy-care houseplant. With our collection of 12 starter plants, this is your opportunity to join in and grow these fun, easy plants – and don't forget to share your latest 'friends' on social media!
Perfect as a gift for those new to gardening or as a way to introduce children to the wonderful world of plants, this mixed collection of succulents and cacti is very forgiving and will tolerate more than the occasional bout of neglect and still look good!
Succulents (of which cacti are the prickly variety) have evolved to survive in the most challenging of environments, which is why they are perfectly adapted to modern home living and are almost fuss-free!
Needing very little in the way of care, these houseplants are ideal for anyone to grow, whether they're experts or complete novices. Happy in a sandy compost, with plenty of light and a little water now and again, your succulent collection will thrive.
If you are short on time but still want plants around you (after all, they do help clean the air in your home), then this is your solution. Slow-growing, they are the perfect for home decoration, especially when placed in a pretty pot on a bright windowsill.
Our selection of succulent and cactus plants is a great way to get kids interested in gardening, although with their spiky forms, just remember that they can be a bit sharp, so take care when handling them.
Supplied as a collection of 12 mixed plants* (6 cacti and 6 succulents) in 5.5cm plastic pots.
*Plants may vary depending on availability.


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