English bluebells (Scilla nutans)


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With their intense indigo blue colour and sweetly fragrant perfume, Scilla nutans – English bluebells – boldly herald the arrival of spring and the onset of warmer weather. These bee-friendly blooms are great for attracting wildlife to your garden.
A perennial woodland favourite, the bulbs will naturalise easily to form clusters of cheerful, nodding flowers on bright-green foliage each spring. Scatter the bulbs through grass or wooded areas and plant them where they fall for a naturalistic effect; or place them in a shady spot at the base of a hedge or around the bases of trees, where they will naturalise easily, just like in the wild.
Reaching a height of 25cm, this truly native British bluebell makes an attractive addition to garden beds and borders – a punchy contrast to other spring-flowering bulbs or perennials and a great choice for a traditional cottage garden feel. They look equally stunning in containers for your patio or decking and are wonderful in a vase.
They will return with bigger and better displays every year. Fully hardy, they can be left in the ground or lifted after flowering to divide large clumps for replanting.
Supplied as a pack of 15 bulbs, size 7/8 ready for planting in the autumn.


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