Double-Flowered Snowdrops In The Green


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Snowdrops In The Green – the guaranteed way to succeed with these early spring flowering beauties!
The earliest and bravest of all flowering Spring bulbs, the delicate snowdrop with its tiny white petals and green-tinged centres bursts in bloom when the weather is at its very harshest. While all around it lies decidedly dormant, this cheery, fresh-faced little fellow brightens the gloomiest of looking gardens.
These beautiful 'Double-flowered' snowdrops take the snowdrop to the next level – inside of the flower head, you'll find another, smaller, delicate flower creating ruffles of pure white petals with pale green details.
Difficult to grow from just the dry bulbs found in garden centres, the best way to ensure success is to plant Snowdrops while they are still in leaf otherwise known as in the green. The soil surrounding the bulbs contains a special fungus encouraging a strong and vigorous new root system. By planting in this way you can look forward to a stunning display in your garden from the very first season!


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