Darlac Tri-Blade Shears


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These amazing award winning shears have twice the cutting edge of regular ones which means you trim and cut up to twice as fast and with much less effort than old-fashioned models!
The Teflon coated steel outer blades cut cleanly with a precise scissor action either side of the chrome covered steel central blade in a twin-cutting action, which is not only faster than that achieved by regular shears but is also much more accurate. This is because the central blade remains still at all times, creating a directional and stabilizing guide.
Specifically designed to be incredibly strong but lightweight, they have comfortably ergonomic aluminium handles as well as 'shock absorbers' to prevent jarring of your arms and wrists!
The blades are rust resistant and undergo an extensive hardening process that provides extremely robust, high performance and long lasting cutting edges.
Each of the blades is 23 cm or 8 inch long giving you double that as your cutting edge!


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