Dahlia Tartan


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This fabulous decorative Dahlia will look incredible in your beds and borders during the height of summer.
'Tartan' produces large, show stopping blooms of layers and layers of delicate petals in gorgeous shades of white and dark burgundy. Each ruffled petal is edges in the gorgeous deep red tone that helps create the overall tartan effect.
So easy to grow, as they are supplied as tubers, packed full of energy to burst into growth in Spring and produce a mass of bright colours which will pepper your garden like gemstones as Summer turns to Autumn. Dahlias are perfect for planting in your bed, borders, patio pots and containers. They also make fabulous cut flowers so pick a bunch of these pastel beauties to bring into your home for amazing colour.
Dahlias will need some winter protection if you want them to return next year, we recommend that you dig them up before the first frost arrives and keep them stored over the winter.
Supplied as a pack of 3 tubers, ready to plant out.


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