Daffodil Trumpet Yellow


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Bulbs such as Daffodils herald the arrival of spring and these bright bloomers are a must for everyone. With their distinctive trumpets, there are few flowers which are as instantly recognisable.
Trumpet Yellow will bring bright yellow sunshine to your spring garden and your home! This abundant flowering variety will give you loads of vivid flowers. Plant them in groups of 6-10 for maximum impact, in full sun or semi-shade, either on their own or with other spring-flowering bulbs of different colours for an eye-catching display.
Reliable and hardy, they are possibly the easiest plant to grow – just dig a hole, add the bulbs, cover them up and leave them alone! They'll grow almost anywhere too, even happy in light shade, but they do prefer a free-draining soil.Leave the bulbs in the ground after the flowers have died back, and they'll naturalise to reward you with bigger, better displays, each year for many years to come.
They also make a fabulous cut flower – not least for their wonderfully strong fragrance – so be sure to plant enough to fill your vases several times over.
Supplied as a pack of 12 bulbs, size 12/14 ready for planting on the autumn.


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