Daffodil Tahiti


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A strong and sturdy variety, Narcissus Tahiti produces wonderful, bright-yellow double blooms with fiery-orange centres each spring.
A real British favourite, Daffodils blowing in the breeze are a true sign that spring is approaching! With their distinctive flowers and sweet scent, they are a must-have for any garden and have been for hundreds of years. Plant them in pots, containers or straight in the ground this autumn for a fantastic display next spring and for years to come!
Plant them in groups of 6-10 for maximum impact, in full sun or semi-shade, either on their own or with other spring-flowering bulbs of different colours for an eye-catching display.
They also make a fabulous cut flower – not least for their wonderfully strong fragrance – so be sure to plant enough to fill your vases several times over.
Supplied as a pack of 12 bulbs, size 12/14 ready for planting in the autumn.


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