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Fast-growing and vigorous, 'La Diva' produces plentiful crops of cigar-shaped, bitter-free mini cucumbers. The ridged, smooth-skinned fruits are best picked young – about 15cm (6in) long – and are seedless, tender and crisp. Deliciously sweet and juicy, they are superb for salads or for slicing lengthways for crudités and dips. Pick often to encourage further fruiting and any surplus will be great for pickling. These little beauties are packed with nutrients and antioxidants – low in calories and a good source of vitamins A and C, as well as minerals and antioxidants.
This easy-to-grow variety is a long-standing favourite of the gardening press and consumer groups and is suitable for gardeners of any experience. An 'all-female', climbing variety, 'La Diva' does not need to be pollinated to produce fruit so will crop well inside a cold greenhouse or tunnel – or equally well outdoors in your garden beds or patio pots. For best results, support them with netting or a trellis, although they can be grown successfully at ground level.
Sow indoors from February to April; they will germinate within 7-21 days on a warm windowsill out of direct sunlight and draughts. After being grown on in cooler conditions and then gradually hardened off, they will thrive in pots, growbags or planted directly into the soil in a cool greenhouse or outdoors. They are also an ideal choice for planting in large containers – great for small space gardening, on a patio or even a balcony or courtyard. They just require a sunny, sheltered position and fertile, moist but well-drained soil or compost.
Supplied as a packet of 20 (approx.) seeds ready for sowing indoors or outdoors. Fruits will be ready 8-10 weeks from sowing. Feed, water and harvest regularly for good-quality, prolific cropping from June to October.


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