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A classic courgette, 'All Green Bush' is a reliable, quick-growing and high-yielding variety that will crop all summer long with regular harvesting. One plant will typically produce 6-10 fruits. Its compact habit makes it ideal for growing in pots or containers, or the seeds can be planted directly in the ground where they are to crop.
The dark skins are tender so are great when cooked whole. For the best flavour, harvest as baby courgettes at about 10-15cm (4-6in) long. If not eaten immediately, they will keep well for a few days stored in the fridge. Alternatively, allow one or two fruits to remain longer on the plant to form marrows, which are just lovely when crammed with vegetable or meat stuffings and baked in the oven.
Courgette flowers can also be eaten; use them as soon after picking as possible for best results. Try them stuffed with herbs and soft cheese, then dipped in batter and quickly fried, or wilt them in hot olive oil to add to risottos and other savoury dishes.
Quick to mature and easy to care for, this is a great little vegetable to get children interested in gardening – as well as for anyone who just can't wait to eat the fruits of their labours in the garden!
Supplied as a packet of 20 (approx.) seeds ready to sow indoors in pots or outdoors direct into growing position. Sow indoors March to May for planting out in May to June; or sow outdoors April to May directly into growing position in full sun, 60cm (24in) apart, in fertile, well-drained soil.


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