Cotswold Decorative Stone 10-20 mm


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Cotswold limestone is famed for its magnificent creamy golden colour. Instantly recognisable, it's one of the most beautiful stones in the UK, and as a decorative landscaping stone, it has few rivals for its elegant simplicity.
The perfect finishing touch for all your garden pots and planters, the 10-20 mm diameter stone chips make a perfect top dressing and are also ideal for edging stone patios and paths. A great choice for a gravel garden, the pale colour will make the plants stand out superbly, and in beds and borders a layer of Cotswold stone will keep weeds at bay and help to prevent water loss too.
Wherever you use this incredibly attractive stone, it's sure to brighten up your garden and be a fine compliment to your plants and hard landscaping.
As a guide, one bag of stone will cover 50 cm² (20 in²) at a depth of 25 mm (1 in).
Supplied as a 20 kg bag.


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