Complete Fritillary Bulb Collection


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This unbelievable pack of 75 easy-to-grow and highly desirable fritillary bulbs will create vibrant, contemporary displays for your garden, patio or decking.
If these are planted in autumn, they will begin to flourish in early spring, providing a spectrum of colours sure to impress and inspire anyone who sees them from April to May.
Fritillaries are the aristocracy of bulbs, with exotic blooms produced in a spectrum of colours and shapes.
This collection includes:
40 x Fritillaria uva-vulpis - Also known as Fox's Grape, Fritillaria uva-vulpis have delicate, bell-shaped flowers. The stunning purple blooms reveal a golden yellow centre. Grows to 20cm height.
30 x Fritillaria meleagris mixed - A stunning mix of colours from purple to white, Fritillaria meleagris is also known as Snakeshead due to its unusual checkerboard markings. Ideal for creating border displays. Grows to 25cm height.
3 x Fritillaria persica - This fritillary has unusual dark-purple, bell-shaped flowers, and is one of the easiest to grow. Grows to 100cm height.
2 x Crown Imperial - Also known as Fritillaria imperialis, this stately plant flowers impactfully from April onwards and is so named because of its whorl of leaves on the top of the blooms, which look like a crown. Grows to 120cm height.


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