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A wonderful selection of 100 outstanding Allium bulbs, these are sure to create an explosion of colour and provide spectacular displays for your garden, patio or decking. The mix of varieties is ideal for the amateur gardener as they are very tough and hardy, making them extremely easy to look after. This collection will also provide ideal cut flowers sure to brighten up your home.
This collection includes:

7 x Allium 'Purple Sensation' bulbs  -  with its enormous bright purple spherical flower heads stand tall on thin stems above deep-green leaves. Related to onions (but dont eat them!) they are very tough and hardy and they are great for beginners.
5 x Allium 'Christophii' bulbs – Giant lilac almost solid spheres of flowers stand majestically on long stems above deep green leaves each spring.
5 x Allium 'Siculum' (Nectaroscordum) bulbs – An unusual relation to the allium family, Nectaroscordum siculum can produce up to 30 hanging flowers from each bulb. Looks wonderful in borders but give some space around the bulb to enable it to grow the large number of flowers.
5 x Allium 'Nigrum' bulbs - With their white, globe-shaped flower heads sitting above broad, ornamental, blue-green leaves these wonderful alliums will look simply stunning in wherever you plant them in your garden.
25 x Allium 'Moly' bulbs  - a yellow sparkler of a flower head, a more wild and natural looking small variety for front of borders.
25 x Allium 'Drumsticks' bulbs  - delicate, small purple tinged flowers on long, tall straight stems. Plant en masse for maximum effect in pots or garden.
25 x Allium 'Neopolitanum' bulbs  - lovely white smaller sparkler flowers, sometimes tinged blush pink in cool, plant together for maximum effect.
3 x Allium Giant Red 'Novelty' bulbs - Later blooming Alliums with eye-catching punk-like spiky flowers heads that stand on top of the tall slender stems.
Alliums are adored by beneficial pollinators such as bees. Therefore, this collection is a must have if you are looking to encourage wildlife into your spring garden.
Supplied as a collection of 100 bulbs, ready to plant out in autumn. Growing to a height of approx. 1m.


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