Castor Oil Plant Fatsia japonica


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A popular and spectacular houseplant, Fatsia japonica produces huge, dark green, deeply divided palmate leaves. The architectural shape makes it a dramatic, tropical feature, and these magnificent plants really need very little attention.
Also known as the Castor Oil plant or Japanese Aralia, Fatsia plants are native to southern Japan, Korea and Taiwan where they grow in moist shaded areas and will easily reach 5m (16ft) in height. As a houseplant, it grows to just a fraction of that size, but the amazing leaves still maintain their handsome glossiness, growing up to a foot across.
Happiest in a shady part of the house, away from direct sun, with good moisture levels. It shouldn't be allowed to dry out but shouldn't sit in water either. Once mature, unusual, exotic-looking umbrellas of creamy white flowers are produced in the autumn, followed by deep maroon berries.
Leafy tropical houseplants like this help to clean the air in your home and can actually improve the environment, clearing the air, removing toxins and adding valuable oxygen to the air that we breathe.
Fatsia japonica holds a coveted RHS Award of Garden Merit, so you can be sure that this is a proven performer.
Supplied as a potted plant, 60cm (2ft) tall in a 21cm pot, growing to 2m (6½ft) tall.


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