Carmona Bonsai S shape 14cm


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Carmona, the Oriental Tea Tree, is such a simple yet artistic bonsai! Skilfully trained into an elegant 'S' shape, this perfect miniature tree is already established and presented in a shallow plastic pot. The lush, unusually shaped waxy green lobed leaves are densely packed in clusters on the branches and dotted with pretty white flowers for many months of the year, followed by tiny round fruits that can be green, red or black.
The Oriental Tea Tree is popular amongst bonsai growers who have some experience, as it can be a little more challenging than other varieties. It easily develops a thick, knotted trunk which turns light grey in colour as it ages, and the attractive cracked appearance of the bark gives it an ancient look. A truly stunning and incredibly rewarding specimen, symbolising courage and heart.
A native of Southeast Asia, these are a classic-looking evergreen bonsai and a real project for you to work on. Grow in a well-lit location and feed and water regularly. There is no need to use wire to shape Carmona and it can be pruned as desired for shaping and styling. The leaves are naturally small.
Your tree will benefit from time on a table outdoors during summer.


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