Callistemon viminalis Standard


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Better known as the Bottlebrush tree, Callistemon is a completely unique and striking plant.
Expertly grown in standard 'lollipop' form, it is a stunning evergreen tree with the most incredible flowers throughout summer and into autumn. These unique blooms give the plant its name, exploding in profusion and looking just like bright red bottlebrushes. Bees, butterflies and a host of other insects will find the nectar rich flowers irresistible too!
The young foliage is flushed with pink before maturing to dark green, carrying a lemon fragrance that's released when you brush past it or crush the leaves, and in this standard form, this Callistemon will look superb all year round.
Callistemon with thrive in a warm, sunny location and is ideal for bringing height to beds and borders, and a real statement when planted in pots on the patio, or either side of a door, this is an outstanding addition to your garden.
Supplied as an established standard tree in a 22cm pot, 1.3-1.4m (4-4½ft) tall, growing to 1.5m (5ft) tall and 1.2m (4ft) wide, depending on pruning.


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