Caesalpinia gillessii – Yellow Bird of Paradise


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If you want to grow something different, then this is the plant for you!
The Yellow Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia gillesii), is a bushy shrub with a profusion of snapdragon-like flowers dripping with orange-red tassels.
Caesalpinia goes by several other names, including the Desert Bird of Paradise and Crimson Threadflower – which give a hint to its drought tolerance and beautiful flowers.
The yellow flowers reach around 2.5cm (1in) and are extended further, sometimes by as much as 7.5cm (3in), by the showy stamens which are produced on erect stems 15-30 (6-12in) long. The blooms are a favourite with humming birds in its native South America.
Rarely sold or grown in the UK, Martin discovered it on a Spanish Nursery on a trip there recently, and bought all we were allowed to.
With fine feathery foliage, like an Acacia, this bird of paradise (which incidentally is not related to the Strelitzia), is borderline hardy in the UK, so we advise protecting from frost in winter. Grow it in large pots in a sunny position, and enjoy its amazing flower displays in late summer.
Caesaplinia easy to care for and generally problem free – plants under glass may need a restrictive prune after the first flush of flowers.


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