Broad Bean Vicia faba Masterpiece Green Longpod Seeds


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A reliable and popular, high-yielding variety, 'Masterpiece Green Longpod' is considered by many to be the best broad bean you can grow. The seeds are quick to germinate, either indoors in pots or outdoors planted directly into their cropping position, generating vigorous plants that will provide plenty of fresh, tasty beans for your plate – and plenty more for the freezer.
True to its name, this variety produces particularly long, regularly formed pods, each containing 6 to 8 juicy beans. Harvesting from June onwards, the younger you pick them, the more tender the beans will be; or leave them to mature a while longer if you prefer larger beans. You can even cook the young pods whole; just top and tail them, and then gently steam to retain the best of their flavour and texture.
If you harvest more beans than you can eat, just blanch them and put into an airtight container or bag, then store in your freezer until required. They will retain their shape and texture well and be just as delicious cooked from frozen.
Being a worthy recipient of the RHS Award of Garden Merit, you can be sure of good-quality, plentiful crops that are easy and rewarding to grow. Sow indoors from February to April for planting out from April to May, or sow outdoors from February to May, in a sunny position directly where they are to crop, 60cm (24in) apart in well-drained, fertile soil. Harvest from June to August.
Supplied as a packet of 45 (approx.) seeds ready to plant indoors in individual pots or outdoors in their cropping position. Grows to 1.2m (48in) by 30cm (12in) spread.


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