Botanical Style Jigsaw


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When the seasons and the weather conspire to stop you indulging your passion for plants and gardening, why not while away the hours with our top quality botany themed jigsaw puzzle.
Featuring an exquisite botanic-inspired image, the scene conjures up thoughts of plant hunting, studying and watercolour painting, or maybe there's some sort of intriguing experiment going on here!
Deceptively simple to look at, the large areas of plain featureless darkenss and light are guarenteed to frustate you at first and then delight you when you finally begin to make progress!
Botanical Style is a gorgeous new range of jigsaws that tap into the current trend for bringing nature, plants and florals into the heart of the home. This jigsaw puzzle would make a great gift for any puzzle fanatic or plant lover.
Measuring 64cm (26in) x 48cm (19in), you're bound to have a table large enough for you to spread out all 1000 acrylic pieces as you try to make sense of the challenge ahead.


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