Blue Ice Decorative Stone 20 mm


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The sparkling light blue and pale grey stones of 'Blue Ice' are made from completely natural, recycled marble for a stylish, elegant look.
With its luxurious mixture of marble chippings in light shades, 'Blue Ice' is perfect for bringing a contemporary feel to all your planting and landscaping anywhere in the garden, brightening up any area instantly for a clean and simple finish.
The 20 mm diameter angular chips make a perfect top dressing for all sorts of garden pots as well as houseplants too and are ideal for edging grey paving and patios. Used in pots and borders, the stones are small enough to be worked in around growing plants, but large enough to avoid getting washed away, helping to prevent muddy splashes and keeping your plants clean whilst also helping the soil to retain moisture and keeping weeds at bay.
As a guide, one bag of stone will cover 50 cm² (20 in²) at a depth of 25 mm (1 in).
Supplied as a 20 kg bag.


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