Blooming Fast XL Plant-o-Mat Allium Bulb Tray


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Look forward to a stunning display of alliums in spring with this perfect pairing of Allium 'Purple Sensation' and Allium roseum – a dramatic contrast of size, form and colour. Seven huge, spherical, deep-purple heads of 'Purple Sensation' will rise tall amid a profusion of delicate pink Allium roseum flower heads, with their characteristic open clusters of star-shaped flowers – all on elegant stems with an attractive foliage base to complete the picture.
Achieve satisfying results with the minimum of effort with this ingenious system comprising a ready-planted, circular tray with bulbs in their ideal spacing. Simply dig a planting hole in your garden or container, drop the entire 'bulb pod' in, cover with compost or soil – then water and wait for great results!
The totally biodegradable, drop-in 'bulb pods' will disappear within a few weeks of planting, leaving the bulbs in the perfect planting design – the quickest and easiest way to plant combinations of bulbs.
This duo of alliums will produce a fabulous display in beds and borders, or in pots on your patio or decking. Being fully hardy, they will flower for years to come and large clumps can be separated to make new plants. The flowers will also look beautiful in a vase – if you can bear to disturb the eye-catching composition in your garden!
Supplied as a 36cm diameter, round tray of 45 bulbs: 7 x 'Purple Sensation' and 38 x Allium roseum, ready for planting the whole pack in your garden or pot.


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