Blackcurrant Titania


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A heavy cropping, large fruited, modern variety that ripens from July through to August.
Grow your own delicious blackcurrants from your patio! Bursting with flavour and Vitamin C, blackcurrant 'Titania' has a rich, tart flavour that makes it ideal for cooking and for using as a purée. Add it to yoghurt or ice cream, or use in pies, jams or juices. The glossy black berries also freeze well.
Unlike many blackcurrants, which require a lot of space to grow, this beauty stays compact making it perfect for the smallest of gardens. Grow it in a border, a large pot or even plant several to make a fruiting hedge.
The juicy blackcurrants ripen in strings and stay on the bushes through to August, making this blackcurrant one of the longest croppers.
Frost resistant and disease resistance to problems including powdery mildew and rust, so an ideal starter blackcurrant for those looking to grow fruit in the garden or on the patio for the first time.


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