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A soft fruit which is bursting with flavour and Vitamin C, Blackcurrant Ben Lomond has large glossy black fruit which cover the branches of this completely new type of blackcurrant in mid-summer.
Unlike most others, which require a lot of space to grow, this compact beauty only ever grows to around 1m (3ft) making it perfect for the smallest of gardens.
If you want to grow a healthy, power-packed fruit, then the blackcurrant has to be one to try. Recent research has even gone as far to suggest that the dark berries, rich in anthocyanins and polyphenols, may actually help to reduce the symptoms of neurological illness and potentially reduce the risk of gut cancers – hence it's superfruit status!
Really easy to grow, Blackcurrant Ben Lomond will thrive in a sunny, sheltered spot out of strong winds and prefers well-drained soil (or compost). Grow it in a border, a large pot or even plant several to make a fruiting hedge.Plants are as tough as old boots and have flowers that are resistant to frost – in fact they need a winter chill to produce bigger crops of berries, perfect for the UK climate!

Plants are self-fertile, so you only need the one – you don't need a pollinator to be guaranteed a crop of super-healthy black currants. Plants will give a reliable crop year after year even when left to their own devices – although you'll get better results and a bumper crop by following a few simple rules:Feed them well with blood, fish and bone in mid-spring, followed by a dose of poultry manure or another high nitrogen plant food, in June
Fruits taste better when exposed to plenty of sunshine – always clear the ground of weeds, especially perennial types
Keep well-watered
Blackcurrants are ready for picking in July and August and are at their best about seven days after they have turned black. They can be gathered individually or, if you want them to stay fresh for a little longer, you can harvest the whole trusses. Pick the blackcurrants in dry conditions and they can be eaten immediately or stored in a fridge for one to two weeks. Alternatively, they can be frozen for eating later – they should last at least six months this way.
Supplied as a pack of 2 UK grown bare root bushes, trimmed to 15-20cm, ready to plant straight out while dormant.


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