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Our scrumptious collection of beans will provide you with all the pods you could need over a long cropping season from June to August, included some stringless varieties!A great source of vitamins and fibre and easy to grow in pots or the vegetable garden, and because they all have attractive flowers, an interesting addition to beds and borders too.
Broad Bean 'Masterpiece Green Longpod' considered by many to be the best broad bean you can grow. The seeds are quick to germinate, either indoors in pots or outdoors planted directly into their cropping position, generating vigorous plants that will provide plenty of fresh, tasty beans for your plate – and plenty more for the freezer. 45 Seeds.
Runner Bean 'Polestar' produces high yields of smooth runner bean pods that have a sweet flavour and crisp, fleshy texture. If not left too long on the vine, these beans are stringless. Versatile and nutritious, they are a classic cooked veg, but the young beans also taste great raw. 50 Seeds.
Climbing Bean 'Blue Lake' wonderful flavour and heavy crops of round, stringless pods. With consistently good results over a long cropping season, this prolific climbing French bean produces clusters of fleshy pods that have a superior texture and taste and are rich in vitamins and fibre and are great when grown up a trellis or 'wigwam' of canes. 100 Seeds.
Dwarf French Bean 'Ferrari' a rich green colour and flavour, these stringless beans are a great source of fibre and vitamins A and C. Being a dwarf type bean, it is ideal for growing in containers, as well as in beds and borders, producing compact, bushy plants that don't need staking. Fast growing, with pods ready for picking around 12 weeks after sowing. 100 Seeds.


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