Barberry Berberis thunbergia Lutin Rouge (R)


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Bring some vivid colour to your garden with a dazzling display from this fabulous new introduction.
A berberis with a purpose, 'Lutin Rouge' is a naturally compact type that can be used around the garden to highlight other plants or on its own as a feature plant in pots on the patio or decking – they look particularly striking as a pair either side of a path or when planted to the front of a border.
A deciduous plant, this berberis will lose all its leaves in autumn, refreshing its mantle in spring when fresh new foliage appears. New spring growth emerges a bright and captivating scarlet and matures to a rich wine-red as summer progresses. Older leaves fade to green, giving an almost two-tone effect later in the year.
Perfect for time-strapped gardeners, this very hardy, drought tolerant shrub needs virtually no maintenance once established, making it ideal for first-time gardeners too!
Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot, will grow to H45cm x W25cm. Will rarely produce flowers if at all, but its stunning colour more than makes up for that!


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