Asparagus Pacific 2000 crowns


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Considered by many to be a gourmet treat, asparagus is grown for its succulent tasty spears that can be harvested for up to eight weeks from mid-spring onwards. Traditionally grown from bare root plants, known as crowns, Pacific is one of the sweetest tasting varieties available.
Asparagus will thrive if planted in a sunny, well-drained spot and will reward you with lots of tender spears that can be added to many dishes or simply eaten on their own try gently steaming, drizzling with olive oil and dressing with a few flakes of parmesan cheese. Yummy!
Good preparation is essential for asparagus to thrive. Dig an 8in deep by 12in wide channel, spread some well-rotted mature along the bottom and cover with a 2in layer of excavated soil. Make a 4in high ridge of soil down the centre of the trench and place the crowns on top, 12in apart, spreading the roots evenly down each side. Carefully fill the trench with soil and water. Do not harvest any spears in Year 1, to build up strencgth of root systems for longer and bigger cropping.
Enjoy the taste of freshly cut Asparagus in your garden – it's worth the wait!


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