Apricot Polonais 5L


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This Apricot tree produces lush, medium sized, yellow-orange fruit blushed faintly red, with a lovely sweet and juicy flavour. One of the hardiest varieties making it perfect for growing in the UK – to get the tastiest apricots, you have to grow your own!
Extremely hardy, Apricot 'Polonais' copes well with colder temperatures. As a result, the flowers are less likely to be damaged by frost and the apricots ripen on the tree for longer, maximizing taste and sweetness.
Easy to grow and self-fertile, so no pollinator is required for a good crop of fabulous apricots. Plant near another flowering apricot and you'll get an even bigger yield.
A freestone fruit, the delicious orange flesh comes away from the stone easily making it great for preserving or making jams.
Supplied as an established tree in a 5L pot, ready for planting out.


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