Apple Malus domestica Gloster


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'Gloster' is a delicious variety of dessert apple that produces abundant crops of medium sized sweet and aromatic autumn fruit with a hint of tartness. In spring the tree is covered in a profusion of delicate pink blossoms that fade to white before the fruit begins to form. Producing good sized, deep red fruit 'Gloster' apples have a satisfying crunch to their texture when eaten. Although self-fertile, cross-pollination from a nearby tree will result in a much larger crop.

A consistently reliable performer and a great asset to any garden combining an impressive flower display during May and scrumptious juicy fruit in October.

Supplied as an established tree, 150cm (5ft) tall grown on an M9 dwarfing rootstock in a 24cm pot, growing to a height and spread of 2.5m (8ft).


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