Agapanthus Charlotte


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This gorgeous African Lily, also known as an Agapanthus 'Charlotte' is a simply stunning perennial that is sure grab the attention in your garden.
An Agapanthus in full flower at the height of summer really is a spectacular display, creating an eruption of brilliant blue. Its head-turning blooms perch on lofty stems in mid and late summer, adding a Mediterranean touch to borders or to patio. It's the perfect plant for an ornate container and with a little care will last a lifetime.
'Charlotte' is a compact variety of Agapanthus and has a very neat growing habit, making it a perfect choice if you are limited on space. This gorgeous specimen will look wonderful planted in a mixed border for a cottage garden inspired feel, and similarly it will look perfect in a pot on tour patio.
Even before the flower stems appear the bright green strap-like leaves are a lovely sight and heighten the expectation of the blooms to come from midsummer. Then as summer moves into autumn, agapanthus continues to provide interest long after the flowers fade as the sculptural form of its seed heads.
These blue blooms will also make beautiful cut flowers, so you can enjoy them indoors as well as outdoors.
Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot, ready to plant out.


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