Yucca rostrata


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Also known as the beaked yucca, Yucca Rostrata is a plant of architectural impact with a tall, sturdy trunk topped by a pompom-crown of spiky, steel-blue leaves.
A superb plant for well-drained, sunny areas of the garden, the globe of long, spiky leaves looks much like an exploding firework and will bring a dazzling effect wherever it is planted. The leaves themselves are long and pointed and being fairly thin catch the breeze and move seductively.
A definite plant for collectors and lovers of the unusual, this is a plant that is rarely offered for sale and one that we're really excited to bring to you and with its head of creamy white flowers in summer once mature, it's a real eye catcher!
Hardy to -15°C, this is an easy to grow specimen and supplied as an established young plant in a 20cm pot, ready for potting up or planting out.


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