Witch Hazel Hamamelis x intermedia Ruby Glow


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Better known as Witch Hazel, hamamelis is a winter-flowering shrub that brings something rather special to your garden with its stunning autumn colour and lightly scented blooms at a time when it needs it most.
A slow-growing, deciduous shrub with oval green leaves that turn yellow and orange tinted with red in autumn in a fiery display of colour.
'Ruby Glow' is a popular variety of witch hazel and produces deep red ribbon-like blooms that erupt like sparklers in winter with a fragrance likened to a mix of spice and citrus – perfect for adding amazing winter interest to your garden when most of its other residents are lying dormant. Perfect as a specimen plant for a sunny or lightly shaded area, flowers look amazing when festooning the bare branched in late autumn and winter once the colourful leaves have fallen.
Slow growing 'Ruby Glow' is a very easy shrub to grow, forming a neatly compact bush that's great in containers and pots on the patio if you don't have much room – so everyone has a change to grow it whatever the size of their garden.
Supplied as an established plant in a 2L pot ready for immediate planting.


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