Wildflower Poppy Papaver rhoeas Seeds


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Commonly known as the Flanders Poppy or Field Poppy, this iconic flower has become a symbol of remembrance throughout Europe.
With its instantly recognisable, delicate bright red flowers poppies are perfect for creating meadows of bloom that make an ideal habitat for native UK wildlife.
Quick and easy to grow, poppies are ideal for naturalising and will attract bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects into your garden. Perfect for filling wild gardens or meadows with colour, they'll self-seed with abandon to create spectacular drifts! A hardy annual, poppies will grow and flower in the same year (or the following year if sown late in the year). An ideal way to get kids interested in gardening or for time-strapped gardeners who want results without the effort!
Never before has it been so important to protect pollinators such as bees, and this wildflower is ideal to encourage them into your garden. Bees are invaluable for pollinating a whole range of plants and especially useful for kitchen gardens to enable the formation of many fruits and vegetables. Take a look at our bee book for more details on these fascinating insects.
Growing to 60cm (24in) Sow outdoors, March to May or August to October, directly where they are to flower. Flowers June to October
Supplied as a pack of 900 seeds. Native grown seed not taken from the wild


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