White Strawberry (Pineberry) White Dream


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This brand-new type of strawberry is already taking leading restaurants by storm because of its exceptional, delicious tropical flavour, and now you can grow it at home!
The attractive fruit creates a flavour explosion as soon as you place it in your mouth first you taste strawberry, then tropical flavours hit your palette whilst all the time a cloud of mouth-watering aroma builds! It really will create a taste sensation.
Pineberry's juicy fruits have a more intense flavour than red strawberries, with a subtle aftertaste of pineapple – hence its name. Its unusual colouring is quite striking too. With its creamy white flesh and red seed pips Pineberry looks like a normal red strawberry but in reverse!
So far this highly distinctive fruit has only been sold in a few select Waitrose stores in the UK and at up to £14 per pound! Still not easy to find in garden centres across the UK, you could be one of the first to grow your very own crop of these incredible berries. Simply grow like ordinary strawberries – crops a little earlier in June.


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