Weigela florida Rosea


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Weigela florida 'Rosea' is a lovely deciduous shrub with arching branches and bright green leaves that form a mound of loose stems as it begins to grow in spring.
From May until July it will produce bright cerise buds that open into clusters of lovely, funnel shaped pink flowers. Weigela florida varieties are recommended by the RHS as 'Plants for Pollinators' and are a favourite with butterflies and bees.
A medium sized shrub, it looks splendid towards the back of a border or in woodland gardens but also works well in a large planter, where its size can be kept under control to give a more compact plant. It can even be grown as a low maintenance flowering hedge.
Very easy to look after, 'Rosea' is fully hardy and low maintenance. Just cut it back after flowering to allow new branches space to grow. These will carry next year's flowers.
Supplied as an established plant in a 2 L pot, ready for planting and growing to a height and spread of 2 m (2½ ft).


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