Weigela All Summer Collection


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As pretty as a picture, these delightfully compact flowering shrubs will bring you months of colour with the most beautiful foliage and flowers. Our collection of weigelas with their lush leaves and clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers are ideal plants for gardeners with little time for fussy maintenance.
Naturally compact and perfect to bring your patio, balcony or terrace to life, they're the perfect low maintenance for mixed borders, pots and containers and will flower its head off from spring through the summer and often with a second flush of bloom into autumn.
Weigelas are fully winter hardy, really easy to grow and always give good results so makes the perfect plant for new gardeners or those who prefer to spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying.Supplied as a collection of 3 established plants in 9cm pots, 1 each of:
Weigela 'All Summer Peach' is a compact new introduction with lush leaves lightly toned with red and clusters of peachy-pink trumpet-shaped blooms. H70cm x W70cm. Fl April – October.
Weigela 'All Summer Red' is delightful, compact flowering shrub with the most beautiful dark green leaves flushed reddish when young and bright red flowers.. H70cm x W70cm Fl April – October.
Weigela 'Monet' is a delightful new plant with varigated foliage, green in the centre and edged in cream with a touch of pink. Flowers are hot pink and trumpet-shaped. H90cm x W90cm. Fl May – July.


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