Vinca minor Alba


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Periwinkles are invaluable garden perennials for providing colourful groundcover, especially in shady areas, with low growing stems dotted with star shaped flowers.
Vinca minor 'Alba' forms a mat glossy, oval evergreen leaves on long prostrate stems that bear lovely, pure white flowers with broad petals from March until September.
Although quick to form weed-suppressing groundcover, 'Alba' is not as vigorous as its Vinca major relatives, so it won't get out of control or become invasive. It will grow almost anywhere, from full sun to the shadiest places beneath trees. The stems will easily root where they touch the ground as the plant spreads, perfect for brightening dull areas where little else will thrive, and ideal for keeping weeds under control.
Easy to grow, extremely hardy and very low maintenance, requiring just an occasional trim to help to keep the foliage dense, 'Alba' is the perfect Periwinkle. It makes excellent edging for a pond, and looks great trailing out of hanging baskets and patio pots too!
Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot, ready to plant straight, growing to a height of 25cm (10in) and spreading to 1.5m (5ft).


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