Ultimate Air Plant Care Pack


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If you want your airplants to grow and thrive, this is the kit you need! Including all the accessories that you need to create a fabulous air plant display, we've included all you need to care for your plants including specialist air plant fertiliser that's ready to use. 
FertiliserLove Tillys air plant fertiliser is specially formulated for the delicate air plants, using all natural ingredients. Harsh fertilisers may damage the delicate leaves, but our specialist ready to use feed will help them develop and flower. Use regularly, in addition to their regular misting.
Mister spray bottleHandy air plant mister to ensure that the airplants get just enough water.  Common causes for air plants not doing so well is overwatering, but with this special mister, that's much less likely.  Rainwater is best, tap water is fine as long as it is no from a water softener. It doesn't take up much space and you can water them carefully in situ as it isn't going to drench whatever is nearby.
FixativeSpecial adhesive suitable for use with delicate air plants. Instructions for use included.  Apply fixative to the item you are attaching plants to and not directly to plant, firmly press plant on to base setting and take care not to cover base of plant with glue.
Ready to use formula, dries after a few hours, allowing you to reposition air plant until you are happy with your display.


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