Trailing Geranium Collection


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This collection of trailing geraniums is sure to create a showstopping display of colourful flowers all summer long.
Grouped together or planted separately, trailing from balconies, window boxes, hanging baskets and containers, the green foliage and selection bright colours will not disappoint. Best known for their ability to cascade with free-flowering displays, they will provide you with an abundance of gorgeous shades of pinks, purples, reds and white.
Flowering from May until the frosts in the autumn, this collection of trailing geraniums will reward you with an even better show if you feed with a high potash plant food. Geraniums will thrive in a hot, sun-drenched location, making them the perfect choice for the discerning but busy gardener.
In this collection you will receive:

1 x Geranium trailing 'Decora Lilac' – Delicate pink-purple petals that are detailed with dark purple veins.
1 x Geranium trailing 'Decora Rose' – Stunning pastel pink petals detailed with dark veins making it a real showstopper.
1 x Geranium trailing 'Grandeur® Ivy Arctic Scarlet' – Big and beautiful white petals with stunning scarlet red edging are surrounded by gorgeous trailing ivy-like foliage.
1 x Geranium trailing 'Grandeur® Ivy Velvet' – Dark green foliage elevates the clusters of wine-red velvety petals.
1 x Geranium 'Ville de Paris Red' – Simply stunning bright red blooms that are surrounded by trailing green foliage.
1 x Geranium 'Ville de Paris White' - A non-stop cascade of delicate white blooms with splashed of purple.
Easy for anyone to grow, whatever your level of experience, you can simply plant them up and leave them to get on with their own thing – simple!
Supplied as a collection of 6 established plants in 9cm pots, ready to plant.


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